20 Watt Solar Panel - emergency back up power - phone and accessory chrager

New 20 Watt Solar Panel - emergency back up power - phone and accessory chrager
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20 Watt Folding Solar Panel, a must have essential item for your outback adventures.

The Leisure Time Folding 20 Watt Solar panel is the ideal battery backup recharge companion, whether camping or just on the go you can recharge all your favorite devices without a power socket. The Solar panels have a regulated USB output, cigarette lighter 12V output socket and alligator clips for direct trickle charging of 12V batteries. The Output from all solar panels will depend on the available solar energy, peak power is produced under clear direct overhead sun. Reduced power is achieved under clouds or early morning and late afternoon.

The 20 watt is ideal as it provides a little extra capacity for todays modern battery hungry devices. It can charge most devices that have a USB input lead (note USB leads NOT included) ie phones, camera, battery banks (for storing power for later use) and Ipads.  NOTE latest model Ipads can be difficult to charge due to the battery size, but will charge with clear skies.

• Super compact, easily folds down
• Multiple uses
• USB output
• 12 Volt output

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